Boat sales are a very interesting subject in the last few months. We usually follow certain data analytics in this area and we want to share with you today this new piece of valuable information.

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So let’s see together what is telling us the last statistics in the area of Boat sales

Surprisingly or not, the sales of the boats and yachts are growing. For example, in the last year, 2016, the used boat sales in the United States reached more than 280 million units. So, nearly 300 mil. boats were sold in just 12 months. This statistic shows a heavily increase trend compared to 2015, especially with the final months of the year, when the whole boat sales field went down. In December 2015 the number of used boats sold in the United States was 265 million.

But if we look through the last five years, the trend of growing sales is still rising. As we speak, let’s see the most critical points in the past ten years in boat sales.

So, 2006 registered the biggest number of units sold, reaching 344.784.688 units. So, if we compare the year 2006 with the actual market, we discover some disappointments in the current situation. But if we make a little bit of a research, we shall see that in 2009 the number of units sold was hitting the bottom line critical point, reaching 187.515.283 boats.

Therefore, from 2009 to 2016 we have a continuing grow-up trend in boat sales.


What are the numbers for the Yacht sales field? 

Yachts are luxury boats, there are way too exclusive for people to buy those in such quantities. For example, the number of Superyachts sold in 2016 is reaching 370 units. But they are estimated at more than 3.37 billion dollars. The most expensive yacht sold in 2016 worth over 200 million dollars.

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When we compare the number of yachts sold in 2016 with the same period of the year 2015, we can see that there has been a decrease in the field of yacht sales. In 2015 were sold 392 units. And in 2014 there were sold more than 400. So, Yacht sales are falling steadily in recent years.

You can find out more information on this particular data here.

Even so, we can see that the price per unit is rising. In 2015 and 2016 the price went up to more that 20% compared to 2014.

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Which are the most appreciated models of boats and yachts?

The most famous yacht all over the world is undoubtedly the craft built by Stuart Hughes. The yacht is just 30 meters long but it is all covered in gold and platinum. This makes it worth more than 4 billion dollars. This price is more than the rest of other 4 yachts on top 5 most expensive boats on Earth.  The name of this yacht is History Supreme.

The second most expensive yacht is Eclipse yachts, the boat of Roman Abramovici. This is also the second biggest yacht in the world. It has a length of 171 meters and includes 24 apartments, 2 pools, a cinema a saloon and a restaurant. It worth’s up to 1.2 billion dollars.

The Dubai Yacht is the third on this top. It belongs to Muhammad bin Rashid Makhtoum, the Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates.

The forth yacht is A Yacht, belonging to Andrei Melinchenko. Its price was 320 million dollars and it was built in Germany.

The last one in this top is Al Said, the luxury yacht owned by Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

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