Grand Motor Traders is a well known brand in the automotive market and military vehicles market in the whole world, and that’s because we represent the UTLIMATE VEHICLE PERFORMANCE SELLING BRAND.

We can say that proudly and loudly, because of the great and strong bonds with the biggest car dealers and manufacturers all over the world. We only work with the most skilled vehicle sellers all over the world. That is how we manage to get the best price on the market for almost any car.

Get your special military vehicles from Grand Motor Traders!

But Grand Motor Traders is not only a car dealer. We can do much more than that. We can put at your disposal an entire fleet of military vehicles with fully equipped cars and with armored vehicles ready to battle in the war.

We can deliver at your command military planes, specially designed for performance in extreme conditions. We can find you any kind of car you want and get it ready for battle, using a powerful armored kit to improve its resistance.

So, from Grand Motor Traders you can buy speed, resistance and comfort, all in one: in a nice and high performance military vehicle.

Due to our great business relations, we can get you any kind of military vehicle, at a fair price and customized with special assets. We have a large stock of military vehicles in the USA and Russia and we can even handle a full process of upgrade for tank fleet, aircraft, helicopters and armored war cars.

You name it, we deliver it! – military vehicles at your service

Our inventory is daily updated and we can deliver in a short time any kind of armored vehicle in the best conditions on the market and at the best price. Why is that? That’s because we keep in touch with the greatest car dealers and with the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

When it comes to high risk situations, your safety is on the firs plan. So our vehicles are made exclusively for safety and for resistance on the battlefield. But when there are engagements in the battle, you have to attack too. That’s why the military vehicles sold by Grand Auto Traders are fully equipped with high performance assets for the attack zone.

If you want to convince yourself about all this information, browse our inventory here and here and then contact us for more details and for a personalized offer. We will establish the necessary documents and procedures and then engage in the selling process.

As a great vehicle dealer, Grand Motor Traders is in advantage because we have more than 20 years of experience in automotive and vehicle Remarketing area. We know the standards of the market, we understand the needs of our customers and we are applying all of those in a selling process based on some strong values and bonds built in time with professional vehicle dealers all over the world.

We even know some military strategy and we are able to fit that element into the building and customization strategy of the vehicle that you buy from us.

For example, we know that the main advantages of an aerial battle are:

  • Rapidity – This is a crucial element in battle.
  • Handling – Sky is the limit!
  • Smart Strategy – Information is Power!
  • Tactical Support – In the air you have all the space needed to support ground forces        

So any military vehicles made for such kind of battle will respect and highlight those features.

We are ready to stand beside you with all kinds of military vehicle and we are truly excited to help you with any kind of demand in this direction. That’s why we love to say that we are TRAINED TO LEAD!