Even when you buy o piece of cloth or a phone from an online shop, your first thinking is about the safety of your data and the safety of the process of online shopping. Well, think of that when you got to buy a car from an online store.

How would you manage the safety in the process of online shopping?

Well, we have some advice for you!

When you are ready to buy a car and you are looking for your preferred model online, try to keep in mind these 10 pieces of information. It might help you a lot.

  1. The first thing you do on an e-commerce platform before you buy something is reading the terms and conditions page (especially the private data policy and the price policy).

If you decide to buy something online from Grand Motor Traders, you should now all our conditions, including the delivery terms and all the terms about confidentiality. That’s why we must link you to this article. It has all the information there. It is very useful in any kind of online transactions, when you decide to go for it. Check it out here!

  1. When you want to buy something online, especially a car (that’s a really big investment), try to buy it from the well-known shops, the real brands out there.

There are a lot of people that have access on Internet, but there are not so much that are professional about using it. Try to settle for well-known brands when you want to buy something. It is important that if something goes wrong the seller should be professional and manage the situation rapidly and with no worries for the buyer.

A car is a great investment and it should be made in full conditions of safety and in a professional way of trading. Only the best showrooms will give you the chance of buying something online in safe conditions. Maybe you should get in touch with other users that bought from there or get in touch with an expert dealer that may help you.

  1. Always, before making a payment, contact the supervisor of the selling process – the dealer!      

A car is not a thing that you buy daily and the selling process of a car is more specific and special designed that any kind of thing that you buy from the supermarket or from the mall. A car selling process is the same process of a house – sale.

You should always get in touch with the person that’s managing the sales at the showroom and you should have a meeting with him. You may want to see the car before buying it. The car must be tested and you must keep in touch with the dealer for a bit of time before buying the car.

Before you get all the papers down and sign the contract it may take even a week or more. This is not a very long time when we talk about selling a car. This is just enough for you to set up a meeting with the dealer, do a drive test and sign the contract.

The car is more likely to be bought from the showroom, even if the order was set online and all the steps and discussions were made online.

  1. Check the site for the SSL certificate or any kind of safekey certificate when you decide to pay online with a credit or debit card or with a bank account.

You must be sure about the terms and conditions of a payment made online. You must know all the details about your seller’s position with the terms of law and with the financial rules and you have to read and understand the terms and conditions from his showroom.

It is all about a contract, there is no time for jokes or kidding. There is a great sum of money that you are ready to pay and you must be sure what are you doing. You have to see the safety conditions of the site and the safety of the server. You must check all the information about the policy of the private data you enter on that site.

Get yourself interested in the payment processor that they use, the bank were they have the account, the hosting provider and it’s safety protocol and all the information that you can find about the safe conditions of an online payment on that site.

  1. Don’t give them more information that is normal and be careful which information you give them.

Get informed about the data that you should provide when you try to buy something online. Tell no more information that the basic fields that you have to complete on the order form.

6.      Don’t neglect the safety of your personal computer. Be careful where you navigate and what you do with your computer, because the security breaches are everywhere. Stay safe and updated with your anti – malware software and don’t navigate on harmful sites.

7.      Use secure passwords in your online account. Try to choose a unique password, hard to guess. Respect all the tips and tricks gave by the site (Use letters, numbers and special symbols for your password).

8.      Use only your personal computer for online shopping and use only dedicated apps for the payment and all the actions on an e-commerce platform. When you buy something online try to be as safe and private as you can. Use only trusted sites and software for paying and for online shopping. Use sites as PayPal for online transactions, because there are trusted and secure.       

When you are using a mobile phone for online shopping try to use only official apps for  the navigation on the internet and for creating milestones of payment.           

  1. Don’t use you main bank account for online shopping. Make a different card or bank account exclusive for this kind of actions.

When you decided to buy a car you had some money set aside. Put those into a bank account, different from your main account and then attach your secondary bank account to the platform or to a card to make the payment.

Use only trusted intermediaries for your financial activities in online!

  1. Often verify your bank activities.

You will know what’s going on with your bank account and you can manage more carefully your money when you check more often your activities. You can even hire a financial consultant for this kind of activity. He should help you even with the process of buying a new car. He will know every kind of information that might slip away from you and you can avoid any risky situation when you have a professional procurement specialist beside you.


Try to keep in mind these 10 main advice on how to go online shopping for a car and you should not have any problems with the buying process!         

For more details about safety in online shopping and in car sales, please contact your preferred professionals – Grand Motor Traders!