With all that Internet going on in the world, car sales are still finalized in that sumptuous and full of luxury cars buildings which have the same tyres smell. Yes, technology minimizes the role of car dealers, but they are still the kings in the automotive field.

Customers are using the internet for information and for help in the process of choosing a new car, and are increasingly getting loans and insurance online but when it comes to the process of buying everyone is more likely willing to go to a showroom to buy the car.

Showrooms – the future direction in car sales

In the automotive industry’s early days, manufacturers tried selling their vehicles at the factory gate, in shops they owned or by mail order and through travelling salesmen. Nowadays the direction of car sales have changed and the salesmen are more important than ever. The second important thing in car sales is the showroom in which you will find your favorite car.

All companies have are able nowadays to sell cars on the internet market, but for the consumers the most important thing when they buy a car is a person who can explain them the features of that car and the process of getting all the papers done.

A showroom is not only a place full of wheels and body parts, but it’s the most important place when you can get informed, where you can test and buy a vehicle in these days. We say that because there you can find salesmen that bend over backwards for a sale. This situation gives you advantages too and it’s not only a win to them.

In some stories people managed to sell a used car with almost the same price of a new car because a dealership.

Successful stories about car sales and premium salesmen

                As an automotive dealer you are pretty known in your area and you have lot of advantages in the sales process. You can sell in a 200 miles with no problems, paying no fee for sales, and having the chance to upload a new offer in less than 24 hours. Those are the advantages that some dealers have exploited in their way up to the top.

We can tell about David P. Kelleher who managed to start a career in car sales in 1992 in a small Philadelphia store. Then, in 2005 he fulfilled his dream to acquire a Dodge store and bring Jeep and Chrysler to his stock. In just some months he managed to raise the number of sold cars from 40 to 140 cars in a month.

Another successful story about car sales is the story of David Wilson who moved in California, started a small town store and soon became the owner of 25% of Toyota in 1982, selling cars with over 1 billion dollars revenue.

Bob Crevier lost a job in 1949 as a salesman and moved with his son at the age of 50. He got to Alcoholics Anonymous and that changed his life. He started again as a salesman in Volkswagen Group and soon became the general manager of the group.  He would like to open his own VW showroom but didn’t afford it and later he opened a BMW store which made him a 255 million dollars revenue in the first year of activity. He then earned the top 6 on Ward’s Dealer 500. Now his son is leading the largest BMW store.

3 Techniques of selling more and more efficient. How salesmen do it? 

  1. In automotive opinions count. If you say “In my opinion” as a salesman and you are a good and a senior level salesman half of the deal is almost done. An experienced salesman will know how to influence the speech and close the deal in no time.
  2. When you sell a car try to offer new and unique features in addition to the price of the model. This will get you deal sealed instantly. An important closing question in the process of selling a car is “If I could offer you this, only today, can you sign the offer?” This is a good way to offer more and win more money.
  3. The technique called LEVEL WITH ME is more incisive and can do much more good in a sales process. When you feel the client is ready to refuse your offer question him “Have I failed to show you the value that you will receive from your investment?” Then do nothing. He will get an answer and you will get to know then the point of your discussion and know how it will have to end.


This would help the salesmen to sell more and get more efficient, but a professional salesman, like those who run Grand Motor Traders, will never try to manipulate the customer and will sell only a good car, offering even more add-ons for the same price or just raising the price in compliance with the additional features.

Grand Motor Traders wants to be leaders on an ethic and customer oriented market, offering only win – win situation for the clients and selling efficient both for us and for the customers.