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We present you the perfect weapon! A wide range of military aircraft specially designed for performance in extreme conditions, on the battlefield or in any kinds of high risk area.

The main priority of this kind of vehicles is to put safety at the top of the list and offer you the best chance to avoid all the dangerous situations in a critical battle in the conflict zone.

This military vehicles are equipped with high performance assets that can make even the difference between life and death in battle. The planes have powerful and top of the class weapons that can produce serious damage leading to the destruction of the opponent.


One of the essential elements in battle is the aerial dominance. Here you can decide how the fight will and in a very short time. We  can provide you several of the best war machines in the world to give you the chance to make the difference. 

The main advantages of a aerial battle are:

  • Rapidity – This is a crucial element in battle.
  • Handling – Sky is the limit!
  • Smart Strategy – Information is Power!
  • Tactical Support – In the air you have all the space needed to support ground forces