We proudly announce the market launch of the new USSV RHINO XT Jeep, a tank built for the streets of your city, a sport utility vehicle.

This is really not a car, it is more of a tank or a spacecraft

The Rhino XY successfully combines high-class luxury materials with a rugged aesthetic, taking inspiration from the big and burly H1 hummer and built on a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We can say that the company responsible for this vehicle has re-engineered luxury SUVs and then specialized itself in bringing these uniquely designed cars to life.

Its aggressive bodywork features riveted flared benders, bold bumpers, fiber-reinforced plastic body panels, designer tow hooks plus a heavy-duty roll cage. The transformation from a secure on-road vehicle to an off-road beast is made in minutes with the help of the smoothly removable fender flares. Also, this luxury SUV has unique alloy wheel rims and the open country A/T tires provide superior off-road traction, in any of the driving conditions as well as a quiet and comfortable ride.

Beneath the bonnet of this behemoth, of this street beast, there is a 3.6L V6 24-Valve WT 285 horsepower engine and 35-inch reinforced off-road Toyo Tires. Also, the heavy-duty roll cage has been redesigned and reinforced with advanced multistage front airbags and other safety features – for the full, mind-blowing experience, that the Rhino XT has to offer.

What’s like to stay in this car?

The interior of this luxury SUV is equipped with red leather seats, a 3D digital instrument panel as well as an alpine premium navigation system paired with a rear-view camera to enhance visibility. This sport utility vehicle also comes equipped with a removable roof, so you can feel the fresh air through your air, whether you are driving it through the city or on the off-road trails.

Truly an amazing experience with the USSV Rhino XT Jeep – combining rugged power and sophisticated luxury and featuring all the necessary tools for the modern driver; also, offering Sprintex Superchargers too boost the vehicles power and torque without sacrificing acceleration, it gives the Rhino XT optimum performance, assisted by the ultra-efficient design of the twin screw compressors, resulting in lower discharge temperatures and lower power drive requirements, thereby reducing engine stress and providing the best torque possible at all power levels. The Sprintex Superchargers give maximum power with minimum wear.

Raw power and extreme luxury is what the Rhino XT has to offer and it is, undeniably, a re-invented all-terrain SUV that bring an updated, modern take on the traditional SUV.

Would you like to have this car?