We have broaden our horizons and so, to bring our customers vehicles with best performance and to treat them with an professional customer support, care and service we took up imports and exports to and from China.

We are currently working with the biggest importers and exporters from our field of interest, cars and vehicles to suit every single one of your need – so you will spend the least time to find a car suited for yourself or your family. Search no more, because Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders are here to satisfy your needs and help you find a car designed for you, for a customer that wants the best driving experience with a professional customer service to aid him in any of the issues he might face – yet we assure you that there will be none.

Cars, aircraft, yachts, helicopters and motors all over the world – auto import export

From Toyota to Land Rover to Ford, our specialty in imports and exports since we have partnerships with Ford importers, we – Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders – are here to offer you exactly what you need, how you need it and, most important, when you need it. We assure you of a fast, professional delivery.

If we are talking about vehicles import export to and from China,  we have to say that since 2009, the People’s Republic of China has been the world’s largest new car market and automobile producer, industry accounting for one-quarter of global production capacity as of 2011. Regarding the production output, the share of passenger car and commercial vehicle exports in China accounted for 4.6 percent with a total of 850,000 vehicles being shipped from China to various places. Also, for the first time in 2011, the number of the exported passenger cars exceeded the number of the exported commercial vehicles.

On the other side, the Chinese people have manifested a growing demand for luxury cars, attracting many foreign carmakers. As a result, in 2011 Germany exported to China around 230,000 vehicles at a value of over 15 billion US dollars, thus making Germany the leading car exporter to China.

To see how important China is, regarding imports and exports, we have the following statistics; currently, China’s market share in global light vehicle sales is 25 percent, China’s share of global production capacity is 27.64 percent. Also, in 2014, China has exported 530,000 passenger cars and 380,000 commercial vehicles with an average price of 7,300 US dollars for passenger cars and an average price of 22,252 US dollars for commercial cars. Furthermore, the astonishing number of cars imported into China in 2014, of 1,422,992, with a vehicle share of passenger cars imported to China of 97,1 percent makes China a desired location to import and export from, as it is clearly leading this field, with no doubt whatsoever.

Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders on the market

This is the professional market we, Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders, activate in because, with this kind of information, and realizing what China has to offer to the field of imports and exports, we want to satisfy and impress our customers with the best services and vehicles available, with a fast delivery time from a country that has topped everything regarding imports and exports.

Therefore, we, Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders, as we collaborate with the biggest auto dealers globally, as we are FORD partners and can import and export worldwide, all this based on a high-end management system and on a know-how developed in time and as we purchase vehicles in large quantities so we can sell you your vehicle at the most profitable price, you can be assured to trust us, and ask for our help when it comes to choosing your vehicle – any type of vehicle!

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