Long story short, we will now deliver your beloved vehicles from the French seaports Marseille or Sète to Africa, as always, in the best and most advantageous conditions.

What should you know?

Well, Marseille, for a start, is the second biggest city in France, on the Mediterranean coast, and it is also the most important port in the country. The port, named Marseille Fos Port – Great Seaport of Marseille – is also the main trade seaport of France, having an overall traffic of 88 million tons in 2011. It has two main sites, one in Fos-sur-Mer, which is about 50km North West of Marseille and one in the northern side of the region, from La Joliette to l’Estaque. It is also the second Mediterranean port and the fourth European port, making it the 41st port in the world in 2014, transporting an astonishing amount of 85,997,000 tons of goods – wow!

Sète is a commune in the Herault department in the Occitanie region in southern France and it is known as the Venice of Languedoc and the singular island – but mainly a port and a seaside resort on the Mediterranean with its own cultural identity, traditions, cuisine and dialect. Its port transports more than 600,000 tons of goods per year and has a shipping agency of 200 vessels per year; furthermore, especially for the type of transport we want to do, it has a 3,000 square meters surface dedicated to vehicles trade.

It is noticeable, from the numbers and the statistics of the aforementioned French ports, that Marseille and Sète have given their proof of quality and professionalism, therefore they are worthy of being put in charge with the delivery of your vehicles – think that we, as well, will check in detail, so as to make sure that everything will reach in perfect shape the shores of Africa.

Here we are – your vehicle delivery partners!

So, if you ever find yourself in the need of transporting vehicles across the Mediterranean Sea, you can always contact us, with confidence, as our work is always done with care, professionalism and respect towards our client and, of course, towards the vehicles we will be in charge of transporting.