You know by now that Grand Auto Traders, based on 20 years of experience in car selling services, is selling so much more than just cars. Beside card, special vehicles – like the armoured and military vehicles -, yachts, and motorcycles we also specialize in aircrafts.

And when it comes to aircrafts, as to vehicles as well, we do not settle down with the basic package – oh, no! We can provide any type of aircraft, from commercial aircrafts to high quality airline aircraft to military aircraft and so on.

Given our history on the market of car selling services, we have managed to build up relationships based on professionalism and trust with some great, if not the best, dealers of vehicles around the world. This is how we end up being able to provide our customers with almost any, if not all types of vehicles. Therefore, we can proudly say that our inventory now contains aircrafts like the Line – Planes of the Airbus Gama or many more commercial planes and even the F4 Phantoms and F16 military aircrafts, widely known for being mentioned as some of the best military aircrafts available.

Also, we have to mention that we can even provide helicopters, ranging from the commercial use ones as the Leonardo Finmeccanica AW189 2016 to the military use ones as the widely known AH-1Z VIPER 2016.

As you can see, we really are able to provide a wide array of aircrafts, but why did we choose to sell this type of vehicles as well?

Because we thought that, since we have been able to give our customers the best experience when it came to car buying and trading, we could give our former, present and future customers the same experience when it comes to buying different types of vehicles, and thus we began advertising the fact that we sale aircrafts.

Plus, as we once said, as a motto of sorts, “Our goal is to offer you the chance to drive, to sail or to fly away your dreams, enjoying every precious moment spent on a journey with a high performance and comfortable vehicle”, we have decided, even from the beginning, that we must live up to our motto. And therefore, now we can delight our customers with high-quality aircrafts, provided to them at the best prices on the market.

Based in Bucharest, Romania, and due to our great selling strategy and connections with our partners, we can deliver our vehicles worldwide while offering the best price on the market for our customers as well. Because we invested heavily in the company’s development we are now able to buy from all over the world, in quite large quantities, thing that means selling the goods non-expensive, thus assuring, as aforementioned, the best prices on the market for each and every one of our customers.

In the end, if you ever feel the need to fly, you can call us knowing that we can provide anything you might have on your mind, at the best quality available – be it either a commercial or a military aircraft!