Huntington Beach, California: DIME Racing, a leading manufacturer of racing cars in the United States has announced a new addition of the Vendetta car models to its inventory. The brand’s management revealed the launch of the new turbo-engine model that sure is going to set flames on the roads that it rolls on. Sean Rad, the Chief Marketing Officer of DIME Racing said that race-lovers had a lot to look for in this newly released model.

Titled the V900 |S DYNO it has been launched after months of passionate design and engineering. The model presents Twin Turbo engine which also is safe to roam the streets of any city across the world.  Running on 91 octane fuel, the Vendetta V900|S Package delivers 760whp and 510wtq of power while maintaining a cool temperature at the same time. Armed with Twin Turbo Sounds, this offering from DIME Racing is surely going to start a new storm in the field of automobiles.

About DIME Racing Cars

DIME Racing is a subsidiary of DIME Research and Development; a privately held American Corporation that supplies the automotive industry with engineered components, systems, and services. DIME Racing on its part designs and manufactures path-breaking racing car models with the maximum amount of horsepower, sleek designs and yet-being safe for the environment. The main office of the Company is located in Huntington Beach of California.

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