The terms and conditions in the automotive field are a little bit different.  The delivery conditions follow that trend too. That’s because on the car sales market, when we talk about a contract we don’t talk about some thousands of dollars, but we can reach amounts such as 1 million dollars or much more. We also sell yachts, airplanes, military cars. Think about that. So we have to be careful about the terms and conditions that we impose for our customers.

Examples of how sellers assume their risks and how they handle this terms and conditions.

So when we tell you that they are different we must explain ourselves in what way there are different. For example, at Grand Motor Traders, the terms and conditions tell us that none of the risk would be on the seller and that the customer should be the one that relies on the seller to ship exactly the goods as expected. This is a common approach in the automotive field, because the seller can’t afford supporting the risks of an international delivery.

The seller can guarantee the safety of the car only by the time that it’s leaving the showroom. We can guarantee for the safety of the car and the integrity of its components only by the time the car left our area. After that, the risks are fully supported by the seller.

That’s a strict defined practice specified in the FOB Point. This FOB Point means that from this point forward, the consignee owns the goods in transit; FOB-destination indicates that shipper owns goods in transit. Owner of goods in transit is liable for loss and damage to freight, and thus should provide insurance.  The consignee represents an individual or firm to whom freight is shipped, a freight receiver.

Another special term is talking about the payment for a car. The method in which the customer will pay it will be always Cash in ADVANCE. The customer will receive the bills and the contract of the trade, that contain the obligation to pay the seller in a matter of time.  Then the client is the person who will have to wait for the products, as they will be shipped only after the payment.


More details about this kind of trading and its terms and condition you can find at the section FAQ, on the site, by clicking here.


Now let’s see why we can’t afford supporting all that kind of risks as vehicle sellers?

At the moment we offer such qualitative services and products and we do our best to satisfy all the needs and requests of our customers, we think that’s best to empower the customer as well with the obligation to comply with certain conditions.

We do that because we offer so many privileges as well and we offer the certificate of conformance for any goods sold by us, proving the quality of our products and the seriousness of any cooperation.

Any showroom and any car dealer should offer a warranty certificate and some return policies for any kind of goods sold by him and his partners, so that the customer should be 100% sure that this risks are just a formality. We truly believe in that and we act accordingly.

Any client should be 100% secure of his payment and of his product. In exchange, they will have to follow some rules for get in possession of the bought product. That’s the price for the seriousness and for all the worries that a car dealer has when he is shipping worldwide.


Grand Motor Traders – 100% sure and secure in terms and conditions!

To ensure you more, we have developed a wide and complex range of ways that help us ship you the vehicle that you decided to buy. Our efforts have resulted in one great strategy of shipping, presented for you at the section Shipping Terms. Our terms are the same in all vehicle selling processes, so you can find more about them on Grand Auto Traders too. Click here for more details!

You can find at FAQ section the documents needed for shipping as well. There are all written down and explained here.


Well, that’s how we think all car dealers should work on this market. That’s the values in which we believe and on which we act on the automotive market!

That’s why we have sold over 2000 cars for 1500 customers and we got 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we like to call us ready for the next top car sales level and that’s why we are TRAINED TO LEAD!


For more details and for a nice and pleasant offer, contact the professional team of Grand Motor Traders and get ready to DRIVE YOUR PLEASURE!

We can offer you a wide range of vehicles and we can ship them anywhere in the world placing our activity on great values and on the respect for customers.


For more details about the terms and conditions at Grand Motor Traders and Grand Auto Traders, check out the FAQ section!