You already know that Grand Motor Traders are the ultimate vehicle performance sellers, formed as a team based on 20 years of experience in car selling services. But you also know that Grand Motor Traders don’t sell only cars. We sell airplanes too. In our inventory you can find almost any kind of vehicle. From cars, to special vehicles (armored and military vehicles) to yachts, motorcycles, airplanes and commercial aircraft, all of those could be found in our inventory.

So what do you think about that? Isn’t that cool? You don’t have to make worries anymore about time and money spent on research for the great specialist that can sell you all this kind of vehicles. You have it all in one: Grand Motor Traders.

You should browse our inventory to see more details. Check it out here!

We sell all kinds of aircrafts: commercial aircraft and high quality airlines crafts

Activating more than 20 years in this area, we created relationships based on trust, professionalism and unity with some great dealers of vehicles all around the world. We collaborate with the biggest car dealers and the most well-known vehicle shops all over the planet.

So that’s why we can manage any kind of demand from our clients. We have available for you a huge area of products. In our inventory you can find planes like: Line-Planes from Airbus gama (check it out here) or commercial planes. You can even find military aircraft like F4 Phantoms or F16 planes. Check them out here.

We can provide you even with helicopters. So, if you want to enjoy a ride in a Leonardo Finmeccanica Agusta AW189 2016, or if you want to get ready for battle with an AH-1Z VIPER 2015, browse our inventory of helicopters here!

Grand Motor Traders – worldwide aircraft sellers

We are based in Romania with the Company, in Bucharest, but we can deliver worldwide due to our great selling strategy and connections with our partners. We can offer the best price on the market at various vehicles because of a well-known and developed know how, that we perfected over the time.

We buy all over the world, in large quantities and that means selling non-expensive. That’s the key of our success. We invested heavily in the company’s development and relationships between partners among the years of our existence.

So now we can establish some profitable conditions for any kind of demand and we can deliver the final product, personalized or not, new or used, exactly at your door, worldwide.

We care about our customers and we want to offer them the necessary comfort and pleasure to work with a professional vehicle selling team.

As we once told, “Our goal is to offer you the chance to drive, to sail or to fly away your dreams, enjoying every precious moment spent on a journey with a high performance and comfortable vehicle.”

This is the main goal of Grand Motor Traders team and we promise that we will keep this promise over time and offer you perfectly safe journeys and highly prepared vehicles for all kinds of situations.

If you want to find out more about us, please read our BIO, find out more about us, or read our blog for new information. And if you still have questions, we would love to hear them and let you know the answer immediately. So, contact us!

And if you want to hear more cool stuff about our inventory of airplanes and military aircraft, browse our inventory!

Have a nice day!