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Drive safe and comfortable in all conditions, enjoying our huge inventory of 400 vehicles

We have more than 400 vehicles available for you and we are truly excited to offer you a wide range of classic and racing cars. We participate in the world’s most complex auctions and bring you the opportunity of buying a brand new car or a used vehicle, customized and optimized for your needs and wishes.

Here you can find a great diversity of cars, fully equipped with all kinds of options, especially made for you to drive them safe and comfortable in all conditions. You can find classic cars, the real deal of a street rod and all kinds of great collections – like muscle cars and even a diversity of trucks and armored cars, ready for any kind of high risk situation.

Beside all this great deals, we have prepared for you a great offer of special cars. On the page designed for this kind of vehicles you can find some great antique wonders of the street, ready to go for a ride in the most spectacular way ever seen.

Find a great inventory of classic and racing cars, special cars and trucks at the best price on the market

Those cars can be found at a very good price. That’s because we only work with high end car sellers and greatest automotive dealers all over the world. Buying in large quantities means selling at the best price on the market. That’s how we do business.

We developed a great selling management system over the time, giving us the chance to sell more efficiently and acting on the market as a highly customer oriented dealer of new and used cars.

This professional system also allows us to sell complete vehicle fleets at the very best price on the market. We can sell fully equipped cars, helicopters, aircrafts, yachts, motorcycles, private jets and special vehicles equipped for conflict zones. Our goal is to offer you the chance to drive, to sail or to fly away your dreams, enjoying every precious moment spent on a journey with a high performance and comfortable vehicle.

If you want a personalized car, feel free to request a quote and we ensure you we will do our best to find the specified car, bring it home and design it according to your wills

For our high expectations customers, we have a special offer. We represent the ULTIMATE VEHICLE PERFORMANCE SELLING BRAND and we can assume that relying on those 20 years that we have in the automotive field, years that allows us to reach anything they want in the easiest way possible.

There are such clients that want a highly personalized car, matching their character and personality. We can offer this. We can customize almost any kind of model. That’s because we are a professional trader of auto parts as well. We can find the standard version of a car and customize it, or we can search even for fully packed cars with all-inclusive settings pack.

We can manage any kind of demand in the automotive field, offering standard and personalized vehicles. Here you can customize and buy any model, making out of it the perfect car for your needs.


You can even browse the inventory of special vehicles put on sale by Grand Auto Traders. Here you can find our special cars, racing standard vehicles and racing tuned cars. You can find those models here.

For any other offer or demand, you can contact us or request a quote and we assure you that all our efforts are directed to satisfy your request!