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    Unique Experience

    Among the time, we have learned  that every experience of our customers counts for the success of our business. When we sell, we sell a part of us. Every vehicle has a story, has a unique experience to share with you.

    Best Price on the Market

    Let us do the work in finding what you wish for transportation! We offer you the best price on the market because of a well managed know-how implemented in our sales department.

    Professional Selling System

    In time we have developed a well based selling management system that alows us to offer you the best chance to drive, to sail or to fly your dreams away. 

    24/24 Support

    You can leave us a message anytime using our chat function and one of our agents will have an answer for you as soon as possible. 

    Customer Oriented Services

    Over 20 years offering professionals services to maximize our customers experience. No complain, 100% customer satisfaction.

    Proven Expertise

    20 years experience in vehicle selling, over 2000 vehicles sold and we still have an outrageous inventory for you to browse. We have loaded almost 12.000 sq. ft. of showroom space with new and used vehicles. 

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    Grand Motor Traders is the ultimate vehicle performance selling brand, offering a wide range of high performance vehicles: cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, private jets and motorcycles.

    We have specialized in selling high performance vehicles for more than 20 years. We developed a professional selling management system and, relying on a well constructed know how, we successfully managed to sell over 2000 vehicles, consolidating long term relationships with our customers and collaborators.   

    Anything to be happy: Fly, Ride or Sail


      Today we will present you the Nissan Patrol 4.0 Petrol XE model, a vehicle that sends a clear message wherever and whenever you may see it. With a confident stance given by its distinctive design, it will surely attract looks and give you one of the best rides you’ve ever had in an SUV....
    You know by now that Grand Auto Traders, based on 20 years of experience in car selling services, is selling so much more than just cars. Beside card, special vehicles – like the armoured and military vehicles -, yachts, and motorcycles we also specialize in aircrafts. And when it comes to aircrafts, as to vehicles...
    What does it mean being a wholesaler? Well, according to the United Nations Statistics Division, the term of “wholesale” defines the resale – meaning sale without transformation of the product – of new and used goods to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users, or to other wholesalers, or it involves acting as an...
    We proudly announce the market launch of the new USSV RHINO XT Jeep, a tank built for the streets of your city, a sport utility vehicle. This is really not a car, it is more of a tank or a spacecraft The Rhino XY successfully combines high-class luxury materials with a rugged aesthetic, taking inspiration...
    Grand Motor Traders (www.gmt-sales.com) and Grand Auto Traders (www.gat-sales.com) represent the ultimate vehicle performance selling brand! Everything you have ever wanted in a vehicle, we can offer it to you! Ranging from cars, here being included the passenger cars, special cars, trucks and armored vehicle, aircrafts with line planes, jets and helicopters, boats, bikes, military...
    We have broaden our horizons and so, to bring our customers vehicles with best performance and to treat them with an professional customer support, care and service we took up imports and exports to and from China. We are currently working with the biggest importers and exporters from our field of interest, cars and vehicles...